Sanket Ladani


Sanket Ladani (Registered Manual Osteopath) DOMP, has graduated from National Academy of Osteopathy, North York. Born and raised in India, Sanket has a Background of Nursing and great experience working in OR. His journey and life changed when he Immigrated to Canada in 2016.

With great passion for patient care and experience in health care, he wanted to do something more in patient care which he was missing in Nursing. He found his answer in the field of Osteopathy, where he was able to communicate, empathize , understand the problems of the patient with more attention and focus. Osteopathy itself means a holistic approach of treatment to the patient.

Being a team player, he always likes to maintain good communication with fellow health professionals, which he finds very important to achieve patient goals. Apart from fellow teams, Sanket also regularly keeps in touch with his professors, alumni, and osteopath friends practicing in different parts of Canada with questions, discussions and research.

Sanket's primary goal is to improve the quality of life of the patient and aim to reach the goal set for the patient through an evidence-based treatment plan. Involve patients in the care by suggesting home exercise at the end of session.

In his spare time, Sanket loves cooking, trying different adventure sports and traveling to explore new places with his family.

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