Complimentary Cancer Care

InspireHealth Niagara offers individualized cancer therapies that are designed to both strengthen the body’s innate ability to heal itself as well as complement conventional cancer treatments. Our program is intended for all stages of cancer and helps support you before, during and after chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

By implementing an integrative cancer treatment approach you can:

  • Improve effectiveness of conventional therapies and reduce adverse side effects of their treatments.

  • Improve overall quality of life.

  • Learn how to cope with cancer on a mental and emotional level, as well as be supported throughout this tough time in your life.

  • Gain fundamental dietary and lifestyle knowledge in regards to minimizing risk of reoccurrence and keeping cancer dormant.

  • Kill cancer cells and decrease tumor size more effectively as well as help prevent metastasis.

  • Build a stronger immune system to help you get through all of the exhausting cancer treatments.

Many patients are concerned about the potential interference of conventional oncology drugs and natural treatments. At InspireHealth Niagara we individualize the treatment plans and ONLY utilize therapies that will be safe along side your current medical treatment approach.

To help kill cancer cells more efficiently, support emotional wellbeing and improve overall quality of life and energy we utilize the latest advancements in research and techniques:

  • Advanced Clinical Oncology Nutrition

  • Acupuncture

  • Yoga, Breathing & Meditation

  • Anti-Cancer Botanical formulations

  • Future: Intravenous Therapy, Injection Therapy

This Program is designed to support your entire body’s fight against cancer and help address all of your cancer health concerns.

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